Red, White and Blue Review- **1/2

Hey Horror fans! Have you ever wondered what a film would look like if it blended A Walk to Remember with Monster, Last House on the Left and Hostel? Yeah, me neither. But that’s exactly what I got with this one.


We open with Erica (Amanda Fuller) doin’ the deed with all but one member of a rock band and follow it up with various scenes of her bar and bed hopping around town. It’s nearly 10 minutes before we get any dialogue and get this… over an hour before we get any inclination of horror. That said, the characters are interesting and I appreciated the build up. I’m not sure this film will captivate true horror audiences but if you like some drama as well, you just might enjoy it even though it strikes a very strange balance. If you doubt the film will satisfy your yearning for blood and gore, I will tell you that it’s not a splatterfest but at the same time it’s extremely vile and gruesome and leaves you asking “who was the good guy here?” Red, White and Blue features a great slasher and his dialogue and methods are top notch. If you enjoy a horror film that makes you think, check it out. It currently streams on netflix. Heed my warning though. An hour goes by and you think you’re watching some sort of Lifetime after dark channel.


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